Thank you for your interest in working with us! We hope you'll find your best fit position below! 

Overall Agreements for All Positions

Tutors and small group instructors will render services for 8 weeks at a time, hopefully matching very closely with weeks 2 - 9 of the quarter, according to the district calendar. The organization's calendar will be posted on the website as soon as possible. 

One-on-One schedule assistants will render services on all school days for the entire quarter with the exception of the first week of school for most districts. 

Persons in all positions will be allowed to miss 3 days of services per quarter without penalty, provided written notice of the absence is presented at least 2 weeks in advance. Where possible, services can be rescheduled only if all involved parties agree to the alternative terms The terms of the schedule cannot permanently be changed. Tutors and small group instructors must provide independent work for students when they are planning to be absent. 

Employees will only receive compensation for services rendered.

By continuing to the application below, you agree to all terms and conditions associated with the position you choose. 

Small Group Instructor
The instructor must be a certified teacher. He/she will log in at specified times (4 hours for each content area per week) to teach their choice of reading and/or math. Teachers will prepare lessons and activities that teach standards presented by the organization.

Small group instruction will include a reading block and a math block, on designated days.  Parents will have the choice to have their child participate in one option or both options. 
Here is the tentative schedule: Monday & Wednesday...MATH, all grades, 4pm - 6pm; Tuesday & Thursday...READING, all grades, 4pm - 6pm

Pay Rate: $25/hour

Individual Tutor
The individual tutor must be a certified teacher. He/she will log in with one student at a time to offer instruction based on the parent’s request. This may range from assisting with schoolwork to preparing/reteaching academic lessons based on the participant’s grade level. The tutor has the liberty to decide his/her own schedule, within the organization’s parameters.

All tutoring sessions will last for 60 minutes, and can include up to 10 minutes of break times. Some restrictions may apply for students in grade prekindergarten to first. 
The parameters for schedule are as follows: weekdays (between 3:00pm and 8:00pm), weekends (between 8:00am and 6:00pm).
Pay Rate: $25/hour

The Academic Rewind, LLC 

One-on-One Schedule Assistant
The person will act as a personal assistant to individual students. He/she will call or text students 5 minutes before each class to remind them to log in. This person will also connect with the student’s online learning system in efforts to remind them of all assignments that need to be completed each day. At the preference of the parent, this person may also connect with the student’s teachers and report progress back to the parent. The personal assistant does not need to be certified but should have some experience in education.

The schedule for this position varies according to the students the employee works with. Interactions with students will mostly be check-ins and reminders---quick conversations to make sure the students log into classes on time and all assignments are completed each day. 
Pay Rate: $20/week per student (5 students max = $100/weekly)