Individual Tutoring

Virtual Summer Camp

Reading and mathematics instruction will take place in individual sessions as follows:  Reading 9:00am to 11:00am (Monday through Thursday) & Mathematics 12:00pm to 2:00pm (Monday through Thursday). ​ Each session is $35 per week. Student are welcome to participate in one subject or both. Note: The fee for both subjects is $70/week. The virtual summer camp lasts for 5 weeks total. Participants must attend attend all weeks. No partial participation is permitted. 


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We will not offer virtual summer camp for summer session 2022.

Small Group Setting

Summer Session virtual classrooms have no more than 10 students per class. Students are able to receive individual interactions with the teacher, providing a space for asking open-ended questions and receiving immediate feedback.

Head-Start on the Next School Year

Students receive instruction on skills in the upcoming grade level, so they are ahead of the class when the next school year begins. Certified teachers use the state report card provided by the Maryland State Department of Education to develop a curriculum centered around the academic skills on which most students struggle to succeed. 

Progress Driven

Students complete a diagnostic assessment at the start of camp and a final assessment at the end of camp. Teachers provide a progress report for each invidual student outlining the academic progress over the course of the Summer Session.

Individual tutoring is offered year-round. Scroll down to read about our virtual summer camp experience. 

The Academic Rewind, LLC 

Close the Gap

Do you feel your child may be a little behind in reading or math? This teacher will initiate tutoring sessions with an assessment to outline missing skills from previous grades. Afterwards, the teacher design a plan of lessons to move your child towards performing on grade level in the desired subject area. 

Work Completion

Would your child benefit from working one-on-one with a teacher to complete his/her assignments in school? This teacher will help your child to complete the assignments he/she receives from the classroom teacher.  


Do you feel your child needs to learn at a different place than what happens in his/her classroom? This teacher will investigate to find out the current grade - level skills and reteach those skills to help your child to achieve mastery.