My rising 6th grader had a wonderful experience and wanted camp to continue. My rising 2nd grader had a wonderful experience but difficult time with the technology at first. I was able to provide parental assistance at each session, so she was ok. By the time we got to the 4th week, she was finally comfortable with switching between screens and unmuting herself. We will be practicing the lessons that we learned in preparation for school in the fall. Thank you.

I loved how this ran. I believe the schools should contact you so they can up their standards with virtual education. The teachers were engaging and kept everyone busy working with multiple grades. Hope something like this is available in the fall. Thanks for all you do and we appreciate you all.

I chose this program to give my child more knowledge as he enters into 1st grade. After being home virtually in March I don't believe the kids were given a proper lesson, 30 minutes is not enough for little ones. So I felt it can only help him as I'm far from a teacher and it was only but so much I could teach. This was a blessing for my son.

These comments were taken from a recent parent survey in response to small group instruction over the summer months. We did not collect names on this survey. 

My son didn't learn ANYTHING during " distance learning" between mid March and the end of the school year. There was no way I was going to allow him to go another few months without learning. I was exploring learning centers like Kumon for him for the summer and when the text came through about Academic Rewind, it was perfect timing, affordable, and I knew I could trust Magic Minds like i have over the past 3 brainer!

Overall though, he has learned more in these fee weeks than he did the entire spring "distance learning" period and for that I am grateful!

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